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7th Feb, 2008


I am not listering any more

I am stick of listering to people bitch , complain and back stab each other now so if any one wants to slag some one off bugger off and do it to some one ells i am just gonna tell ya piss off ! and the same goes for pepole thinking of killing them self as well becacuse if ya not one of my better friends i no long give a shit any more ! 

6th Feb, 2008


At the movies

I went to see Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of fleet street today with my Bother. I thought it was a good film but to be honest i was expecting it to better don't get me wrong i enjoyed it over all.  Apart from this i haven't really done much today or this week really oh well back to work tomorrow.

22nd Jan, 2008


Which ?

Which do u like more Vulpon leo or me Crimson Beast as a character ?

21st Jan, 2008

with fur

Bloody job !

yeah i know i complain about my job a lot and that's an understatement but i really have been in this job way too long now and it's time to move on. The only problem is there isn't much point to just leave to go t o another bar job were i will just get pissed off with the public. Not all of then just the stupid sods which happens to be a lot of them.
 Any way to cut the rant short I'm working on portfolio and might try getting my art out there now .... It's just a thought tho for now since i don't know were to start or any thing at the moment.

18th Jan, 2008


new pic of me !

Cheek this out ! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1013400/ it's a pic of me kicking Vulpons ass ^^ heh heh this will show him never to come up against  me again ;)
Great work fox i love it ^^.

15th Jan, 2008


Coffee and art with a different person

I meet up with a fellow artist who i work with today for coffee and to show each other our art. It was a really nice change and nice to get some new thoughts on my stuff.
 we went to to a place called planet coffee with an interesting upstairs room which didn't have any table or chairs just lots of big cushions ,a thick carpet and last but not least a big TV that was showing Friends this is how i wish my living room was like well friends doesn't have to be on. There was a notice up staying that if ya got 15 or more friend together you can book out the room to kick back and watch dvds which i thought was a great idea !and would be good for a fur meet
 Any way we spent 4 hours there just chatting and shorting each others portfolio out then i had to head to work were i forgot my shirt and tie ... and had to wear one of the managers spairs  which was meant to be clean but wasn't and i had his sent on me all night .......

14th Jan, 2008

fed up

like can't some peoeple stay gone

I hate it when people i used to know come into work most the time it's not too bad and it's just some casual chatter but tonight an old teacher from College come in and she seems to find it funny that i am just a bartender and took the piss out of my waistcoat. *sighs* stupid woman !

13th Jan, 2008

with fur

The managers made my laught again

One of my managers came onto the bar tonight when straight to make her self a drink and got some ice. yeah sound normal but instead of using the ice scoop ( because i had it) or one of the Boston shaker she just goes head an shames the glass into the ice well instead. so i told her not to do that like i do every one who dose that because ya not meant to do that for health and safety then she turns round and tells me off for telling her off . so for the rest of the night the other bartender dose the same as her and i didn't bother telling him not too.

The worst thing is she used to me the head of the bar.

31st Oct, 2007


YAY !!

 Got a week off work now ! and Renamix is coming to stay a few days as well ^^ it's gonna be a good week off !.  it's gonna be good to see people again. feels like i haven't seen any on in ages now.

27th Oct, 2007

with fur

one of meny work mistakes

 Some times i really wounder how the company i work for stays open with the silly mistakes that happen. The latest one being the toffee apples we were sent to give away for Halloween. seems simple enough right ? well we were sent them today  with a note do not hand out after the use my date with was is the 29 of October ... *sighs* idiots 

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